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To maintain the highest level of security, we require all of our members to provide us with certain documentation to verify/validate their accounts.

There are several reasons why you should provide documentation:

Sellatuparley is committed to providing a socially responsible platform for arcade games. All of our members must be 18 years of age or older and we are required by our license agreement to verify this.

As a respected online and global company, it is in our interest to ensure maximum security in all transactions.

Our payment processors require that our policies are in line with international banking standards. A proven business relationship with each and every member is mandatory for the protection of all parties. Our license agreement also requires us to comply with this.

Finally, by ensuring that your account details are absolutely correct, the hassle of 'missing payments' can be avoided. It can take weeks (and sometimes months) to track, retrieve and forward using the correct information. This lengthy process also results in additional fees from our processors.

What documents do you need to provide?

Standard verification documents

Photo ID: A copy of a current photo ID is required. This photo identification can be a copy of a passport, driver's license or national identification card. Specifically, it is the ID photo page that we require for our verification checks. Make sure your full name, photo, and signature are visible on the document.

Credit/Debit Cards: A copy of the front and back of the credit/debit cards used to fund your account. Make sure all details are clearly legible to allow quick and accurate verification. For security purposes, block the middle eight numbers on the front of the card copy and the 3-digit security code on the back of the card copy.

KYC Details

WITHDRAWAL Authentication Level Details
$ 0 - $ 2.9990 -Basic authentication requiredDue diligence documents may be requested
$ 3,000 - $ 9,9991 - Enhanced Authentication RequiredA combination of due diligence documents will be required

$ 10,000 - $ 19,999          

2 - Fund Information Source RequiredSource of wealth information will be required


$ 20,000 - $ 49,999          

3 - Original signed and notarized documents are requiredSource of wealth (corroborated) and certified evidence of identity or certified by the VIP manager will be required


When must you provide these documents?

We would appreciate your cooperation in providing them as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing your transactions. We must have documentation before we can send you any cash transactions. In special circumstances, we may need the documents before further activities (deposits and bets) can be carried out on your account.

Please understand that if we do not have the required documents on file, your pending withdrawals will be canceled and credited back to your account. You will be notified when this happens through the notification system.

How can you verify your account and submit these documents?

Scan your documents or take a photo from a high-quality digital camera, save the images as .jpg, and then upload the files to our cashier/cashout section.

How do you know documents are safe with Sellatuparley?

The security of your documentation is of paramount importance. All files are protected with the highest level of encryption at every step of the review process. All documentation received is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us make Sellatuparley a safer place to play. As always, if you have any questions about this policy, or anything else, please feel free to contact us using the contact link or live chat on this page.

We reserve the right to amend, modify, update and change any of the terms and conditions of the KYC policy from time to time and we are not required to notify you of such amendment, modification or change by posting the new version of KYC.

Policy on our Internet sites.

Any modified version of the KYC Policy will become effective 14 days after it is posted on the Website or sooner if required by any applicable law, regulation or directive and your continued use of the Services or Software after the period mentioned above constitutes your acceptance of the changes to the KYC policy.

It remains your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the correct and current terms and conditions of the KYC policy and we recommend that you check for updates on a regular basis.